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Past Events

Talk on Dahlias by Richard Ramsey March 2022

On an unseasonably cold Thursday evening at the end of March, Richard Ramsey and his wife Hazel entertained 30 or so members on a talk about Withypitts Dahlias® Limited, a renowned grower based in Turners Hill. Richard has appeared on Gardeners’ World several times in the past. He covered the history of Withypitts, how to look after, propagate, different types, predators and bugs. He even bought a few dahlia plants to sell. A very enjoyable first talk for the society in a number of years.

Flower arranging workshop April 2022

On a lovely sunny afternoon in the middle of April we ran a flower arranging workshop. It was well attended, and we were delighted to have Lynis Williams, an active member of the Ashtead Flower Arranging group, come to spend the afternoon with us, to demonstrate how to create simple flower arrangements.

She started by asking us to introduce ourselves and to state our favourite flower. A tricky question for garden lovers. The rose, not unexpectedly, came out favourite. Lynis then demonstrated how to create a round table arrangement, first by adding the foliage, followed by adding flowers. Then everyone had a go. Lynis gave us all tips and great encouragement. Most members had brought flowers and foliage from their own gardens, and it was interesting to see how different every arrangement was. Lynis gave us hints on different ways to display our arrangements. We then went on to create an arrangement in a mug. The two hours flew by and at the end everyone hopefully felt they had gained more knowledge of the subject and had fun.

Finally, Lynis produced what appeared to be a glass tankard of frothy beer to say ‘cheers’! It was in fact a glass filled with brown pebbles and topped with white chrysanthemums.

Lynis went to a great deal of trouble to prepare for the afternoon, and we were very pleased to give her a donation to her flower groups chosen charity, MND.